EMILI : Beauvoir Lithium Mining Project

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Supporting the energy transition 

At present, lithium processing is largely dominated by China (57% of global production), Chile (29%) and Argentina (9%). This quasi-monopoly means that Europe is dependent on imports of this metal, which is of strategic importance for the energy transition - lithium is one of the main components of the lithium-ion batteries used in electric vehicles.
Studies carried out by Imerys since 2015 have confirmed the presence of a major deposit under the Beauvoir Kaolin Quarry site in the Allier department. Imerys proposes to seize this opportunity for France and Europe through the EMILI project (EMILI stands for Exploitation de MIca Lithinifère par Imerys), the first mining project of this scale in France for over half a century.

Key figures

Exploitation du kaolin à Beauvoir
Middle of the 19th century
Start of kaolin mining at the Beauvoir site
Entrée en production du lithium
Planned entry into production of the site
Véhicules électriques
700 000
Electric vehicles equipped each year thanks to the production of lithium in Beauvoir




The EMILI lithium mine project in Allier is progressing! Follow its development through our EMILI & YOU Newsletter.

Beauvoir PR - 24/10/22

Launch of the EMILI project with the support of the French Government

On the 24th of October, Imerys announced the intention to extract lithium from Beauvoir’s site.

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