Imerys: a committed company

Banner image - Exemple de biodiversité conservée, Clérac (France)

As a world leader in specialty minerals, Imerys is committed to extracting and processing minerals responsibly and sustainably over the long term to meet the needs of society. The EMILI project is fully in line with this approach, and Imerys intends to align with the IRMA benchmark, the reference certification for responsible mining.

Aware of its role in society, of obligations toward the countries in which the group operates and toward the communities that reside near its sites, Imerys has taken on the obligation to act responsibly and takes its commitment to sustainable development very seriously. 

As a company, Imerys strives to minimize its operational impact, while maximizing the benefits of its products. One of the company’s primary objectives is to unleash the sustainable development potential of minerals at a time when global consumption is increasing and growing demand for these natural resources is putting pressure on our planet’s ecosystems.

In particular, the company has set up an evaluation system, which provides a simple, transparent view of the sustainability of minerals, from extraction to use by its customers. This system allows manufacturers relying on Imerys’ minerals to integrate the concept of sustainable development into their procurement strategy and solution development. 

Imerys has also signed a Charter of Social Responsibility, in which it is committed to performing its role in society, to respecting its obligations toward the countries and communities in which it is present, and to adopt a protective and responsible attitude toward the environment.