Multiple environmental challenges

As an engaged, responsible industrial company, Imerys is committed to developing an EMILI project that respects local communities and the environment by conducting impact studies and consultations with all stakeholders.
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Imerys is a responsible industrial company committed to developing this project in a way that respects local communities and the environment. In line with its environmental commitments, the company will perform comprehensive analyzes to assess any potential environmental and social impacts, and will implement appropriate measures to avoid, mitigate and if necessary offset these impacts. 

Consultation with all stakeholders will be a key factor in the success of the project. Imerys will propose a responsible project that respects the environment and local populations, in line with its code of conduct and international standards. In particular, Imerys intends to align itself with the IRMA benchmark, the reference certification for responsible mining.

Water challenges


Imerys has launched various hydraulic and hydro-geological studies since the beginning of the EMILI project.

Modeling of water circulation, surface and underground, with an expert authority in the fields of environment, water, infrastructure and environmental data management. The aim is to better understand the quantities and flows of water around the site.

A more qualitative analysis of this water, in order to know its “signature”.

These studies and analyses will then be used to assess and simulate the impact of the project on these water flows and its composition, under different scenarios. Imerys will implement appropriate measures to prevent and mitigate these water impacts.


Air challenges

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As at all its sites, Imerys will perform thorough monitoring and is committed to strict compliance with the current air quality standards. Imerys plans to minimize the use of truck transport, specifically to reduce CO2 emissions. At the mine level, the choice of underground mining will also allow better dust control.  

In addition to the regulations in force, Imerys will continuously explore possible ways of improving processes in order to minimize the impact on the environment and local populations.

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Sound challenges 

Imerys’ objective is to design the project to minimize noise and to maintain a sustained dialogue at the local level to discuss potential noise impacts and the corrective actions that could be implemented. 

Imerys is studying and considering all alternatives to truck transport, such as underground pipes or rail, in order to limit disturbance for local communities and environments and reduce the carbon footprint.

Once the process is defined, Imerys will conduct further noise impact studies in its assessment of the technologies and industrial set-up, and will work on developing noise mitigation measures if necessary. Imerys is committed to meeting noise standards at the property boundary and at adjacent houses.


Biodiversity challenges 

In its environmental charter, Imerys has made a special effort to integrate preservation of biodiversity at all its sites, from the project phase to the rehabilitation of quarries when they are decommissioned.

The choice of a largely underground mine is in line with Imerys’ commitment to the environment and to preserving the landscape and natural environments. The underground mine will only have an impact on ecosystems at its portions open to the outside (descents, shafts), storage of materials and for constructions linked in particular to the concentration stage.

Imerys has commissioned a specialized design office to perform an ecological diagnosis on the Exclusive Research Permit (PER). This diagnosis includes watercourses and will be followed by comprehensive inventories of impacted areas and their surroundings.

Imerys will go beyond compliance with the applicable regulations and will ensure that the biodiversity is preserved, as it does for each of its operational sites.


Climate challenges and carbon footprint

Imerys will promote all alternatives to truck transport, such as underground pipes or rail, to avoid any harm to local communities and populations and to reduce the carbon footprint.