EMILI: Towards a public consultation overseen by the CNDP

The progress of the EMILI project has enabled Imerys to enter a new phase: the referral of the project to the French National Commission of Public Debate (Commission Nationale du Débat Public – CNDP). This independent body's mission is to inform citizens about projects with an environmental impact and to involve them in debates. Imerys is delighted to have entered this phase, which will enable it to continue its discussions with the public on issues pertaining to the EMILI project.


For Imerys, implementing an industrial project on the scale of EMILI naturally involves consultation with all stakeholders. As soon as the project was announced, the Group took the initiative of organizing public meetings and discussions with elected officials and local organizations.

A new step was taken on July 13 with the referral of the project to the French National Commission of Public Debate (Commission Nationale du Débat Public – CNDP). This independent authority is responsible for guaranteeing all citizens the right to information and participation on projects or policies likely to have an impact on the environment.

What is the CNDP?

The CNDP is made up of 25 members from a wide range of backgrounds (including members of parliament, local elected officials, members of the Council of State and the Court of Cassation, organizations, trade unions and consumer representatives) who guarantee its independence, particularly with regard to different administrations and project developers.

This authority does not issue opinions on the merits of projects. Its role is to ensure the quality and transparency of the information provided and to oversee discussions with the public.

Why the CNDP?

With the support of the CNDP, Imerys intends to enhance the consultation process by including as many people as possible. This next phase will enable every stakeholder to learn more and express their views on the opportunity to open a lithium mine in France, with the aim of strengthening the European battery industry, a crucial lever for both electric mobility and the ecological transition. Many different stakeholders will have the chance to shed some light on this issue while presenting the project, its challenges and its impact on industry and the region in an informative way.

All our teams are committed to managing this project in accordance with the highest French and international social and environmental standards. Consultation with all stakeholders is essential if we are to build the EMILI project together! The project must rely on innovative and responsible solutions that will help minimize its impact (underground mining, electric fleet, recovery and reuse of by-products, water recycling, use of rail, etc.).

Alan Parte
Vice President Lithium Projects at Imerys

Check back in September for the preparatory phase!

A process in several phases (projected calendar) 

  • September 2023: Start of the preparatory phase.

Imerys, as project owner, will prepare a presentation under the supervision of the CNDP.

  • First half of 2024: Consultation or public debate phase,according to the format and procedures decided by the CNDP and based on the project owner's presentation, which will be made public.

Discussions are expected to last around four months and conclude with the drafting of a report by the Special Commission on Public Debate (Commission Particulière du Débat Public – CPDP), followed by a response from Imerys.

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