A project that offers opportunities for the region

The EMILI project at the Beauvoir site will have positive consequences for the region in terms of jobs and a dynamic economy.
Vue aérienne de la ville d'Echassières

Imerys is currently working on developing the process at the laboratory level. This process will be tested in large-scale laboratory pilot phases and then industrial pilot phases. Once these laboratory and industrial pilot phases are completed, production is expected to begin in 2028.

In the proposed industrial plan, the second phase of ore processing (concentration) would be adjacent to the mine to minimize the movement and transport of ore, while the third phase (conversion) would be done at another site, located at a reasonable distance and accessible by rail.

Thus, in addition to the jobs created during the development and industrial pilot phases, amounting to a few dozen, over 1,000 direct and indirect jobs would be created in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region and a European center for excellence would be established there for extraction of lithium from hard rocks.

Une première équipe de géologues a déjà été recrutée pour mener les sondages sur le site des Kaolins de Beauvoir
An initial team of geologists has already been recruited to conduct the surveys on the Beauvoir kaolin site


This project will enable the region to develop steadily in terms of employment and the economy and will contribute to growth of French and European companies in relation to the energy transition.

Diagram of the lithium production process envisioned